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PASS Summit 2009 – Overall Event

By Steve Jones, 2009/11/10

I thought that we got a great Summit from PASS in 2009. This week I’ll be looking back at some of the things that occurred and give you some notes from my perspective on the event. I’ll also include some pictures from myself and others, along with a few videos where I can.

First, thanks and congrats to the PASS Board, and the PASS Staff, all of whom put together one of the smoothest Summits I’ve seen. It might be the best one, and while there are things that need to be changed or tweaked, the event just ran smoothly.

I wrote some blogs about the keynotes, but for the most part I was meeting people and seeing sessions all week, so I didn’t have time to blog. Heck, I barely had time to write editorials and no time to shoot video of them. The blogs I put out from last week:

I also wrote a bit about the Women in Technology lunch, which was great. I enjoyed it and plan to make that an annual part of my Summit experience. I’d encourage everyone to attend this, and to encourage women to come into technology. It’s not that men don’t need encouragement, but stereotypes often mean an extra effort would help with women.

The overall organization of the event, I thought, was much better this year. I didn’t see people too lost or confused. While many of us attend the Summit yearly, or every other year, a survey showed that this year we had about 40% first time attendees. That’s a big number, and while I saw a few people looking confused (I stopped to ask them if they needed help), it seemed that people easily found sessions and rooms, despite things being spread across 3 floors and both the North and South sides of the Summit.

It also seemed that quite a few people attended a pre- or post-conference session. That’s good to see, both for speakers and attendees. A full day of training, where you can get in depth knowledge on one particular subject. If you were in one of those sessions, I’d love to have specific notes about what value you got from the sessions.

Tomorrow I’ll write about some of the fun events from the Summit, things that are worth going to as a way to relax and have fun outside of the sessions.

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