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There was a rancher who had a DBA.... (Getting prepped for PASS)

By Steve Jones, 2009/10/29

and B-I-N-G-O was his game-o.

Maybe not that funny, but I think that SQL Bingo will be a fun time. If you haven't heard of it, check out the link. Stuart Ainsworth, Blythe Morrow, and Brent Ozar have put together a fun networking game sponsored by Quest and SQLServerPedia. They've strong-armed, ahem, duped, err, convinced a few of the well known people in the SQL Server community to be "squares" on a BINGO card. Here's a sample card.

Each of us has a safeword codeword that we should remember. I'm not confident that I'll remember mine, but tweet me (@way0utwest) if you have trouble when you turn in your card and I'll vouch for my mistake. If you meet one of us, ask for the word, write it down in our square. When you get BINGO (that's a straight line) you turn it in at the Quest booth to be entered for a prize.

That's Tuesday.

Wednesday you need two lines, and Thur a completed card. It's intended to promote networking, so follow some of the networking tips from PASS, I can't speak for the other squares, but I'm hoping for more than a "please give me your code word." Introduce yourself, tell me something, ask me something, buy me a beer or a cup of coffee, just something.

It should be a fun time, and I'll try to remember to keep Twitter updated with my location. See you at the Summit.

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