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Expert SQL Server 2008 Encryption

By Steve Jones, 2009/10/26

51s2ofIFTrL._SL500_AA240_ Encryption is a tough subject, but it’s one that’s fascinated me for years. I downloaded PGP when it came out nearly two decades ago, and learned about the intricacies of symmetric and asymmetric keys. I thought it was fun, even when I couldn’t convince many people to consider using it.

Last year at PASS I ran into Michael Coles, who I’ve known for a few years and had just finished tech reviewing a book for. He was planning on a new book and asked me if I’d be interested in doing another one, this one on encryption. I jumped at the chance, and sometime this past spring started getting chapters.

I knew a lot, but had to learn a lot as well. I spent a lot of time Googling various terms and double checking historical references as well as algorithms and terms. I think I did a good job, and Michael and his co-author, Rodney Landrum, did a fantastic job.

I found a package on my desk this morning, and opened it to find my copy of the book. It’s now out, and available in bookstores, including Amazon.

So check it out, and learn a bit about this very important topic for DBAs. Not a lot of companies use encryption, but the ease of administration has grown with SQL Server 2008 and more companies are using it every day. I expect to see it start coming up in interviews soon.

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