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I've got a conference to attend in a few weeks, and needed to get some things out the door. Every year we give away a lot of shirts and prizes at a party, and typically I have the person I order shirts from send them to the conference. However this year I wanted to re-use a bunch of shirts.

So I counted out my supply of shirts after my run today. At first I got nervous when I went through the first 4 boxes. It seemed like I might not have enough shirts, but it turned out OK. As I packed them up and counted them, I sent away

  • 75 XL
  • 50 L
  • 19 M

And I still have about 10-12 XLs and 3 Ss sitting in the basement. With about 4 dozen S, XXL, and XXXL shipping from the supplier, I think I'll be shipping shirts back home again, but at least I won't have a big inventory for next year.

Now if I can get rid of some books....

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Posted by RBarryYoung on 16 October 2009

Heh, you know, I never got my T-shirt from last year... :-D

Posted by GilaMonster on 17 October 2009

I can help you get rid of the books. Just pack them up and send them down my way. ;-)

Posted by Steve Jones on 17 October 2009

Barry, grab me this year, or send me an address, I'll shoot you a couple. XL, right?

Gail, I shudder to think what it might cost, but I'll check. I could certainly send some. Or give you some for the airplane.

Posted by GilaMonster on 17 October 2009

I was mostly joking.

Still, if you've got extras after PASS let me know. Suspect I won't have space going home, lots of people want to give me stuff so things are going to be tight

Posted by Michael Coles on 17 October 2009

Hey Steve, I only have one SSC shirt...  I think I need another! :)

Posted by Steve Jones on 18 October 2009

I'll get you another one, Michael.

Gail, I'll check shipping and see. Maybe a slow boat will work out well.

Posted by Ford Fairlane on 19 October 2009

Steve, PASS is a bit from from Perth, any chance of a shirt down under ?

Posted by Steve Jones on 20 October 2009

Ford, you never know. Let me see how many I have left.

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