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Dev Days – Austin

By Steve Jones, 2009/10/14

I’m out of the office today, in Austin, TX (yee-haw!) at the Stack Overflow Dev Days – Austin. There are a few more around the country coming up, and if you’re a developer, I’d go check it out, just for the speakers. I’m not sure you’ll learn a ton about how to be a better developer in any of these events, but I think you’ll be inspired.

That’s part of why I’m going. After all, the lineup for Austin has talks on

Of those, maybe 2 or 3 are applicable to my career. I’m not likely to pick up tips that I’ll use next week, though I may learn a thing or two that I could use in the future. There’s a better reason in my mind to go to an event like this, going to hear some well known and well respected speakers:

Being around smart people is exciting

It’s actually more than exciting; it’s inspiring to me. Coming away from an event like this I’m sure I’ll be excited again about my job, and I’ll have ideas that I can apply to my job. Or I’ll be thinking about how I might try something new in my job.

I’ll also be going to see how the format works. How they handle a one day event with multiple speakers to see if this is something that might work in the SQL Server world.

So I’ll be mostly out of touch today, and not responding to messages, but I’ll post some notes and updates when I get back and hopefully a few pictures.

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