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Heading Down to the Basement

By Steve Jones, 2009/09/30

I'm taking the next two days off, heading down into the basement for a four day weekend. Nothing particular going on, just a little stressed with life. Between work here and a busy life with kids, I realized a few weeks ago that I was feeling stressed. So I decided to take a few days off. I would have done it then, but it's a little hard at times to get coverage for the site here on short notice.

That's changing, and I realized it's an issue. I've been working with a few guest writers to cover the editorial content, and I'm trying hard to keep a 2-3 week schedule on content so that if I need to take a day off, I can. Hopefully it will be easier to do this moving forward.

I have no great plans. My wife will be gone Friday for some horse thing (and all weekend), kids in school, so I think I'll actually tackle a project around the house; something non-technology related around the house.

After we bought our house, I started working on various things, but one project I was proud of was tiling our bathrooms. We have 4 in the house, and after an accident our first week in the house, we knew that the carpet which had been put in there by the previous owners wouldn't do. I tiled my daughter's bathroom. It was the smallest one, it worked well, and my wife was pleased. So I then did the boys' bathroom, and while it was a little more involved, it worked. A few months later I tackled the guest bathroom, and things were looking good.

I never got around to the master bath, mostly because it's a big project, and the kids tend to use our shower/bath regularly. That's changing now with kids getting older, and with my wife gone, next weekend is a good time to lay tile. It's a messy job, so don't expect me to respond to many emails or notes over the weekend. I'll be up to my elbows in ceramic chips and dust.

See you Monday!

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