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Broken - Windows 7

I've been running the Windows 7 RC for a few months, and overall I like it. Many things work well, despite a few ergonomic issues. It's quick, though I'm sure my 8GB desktop helps. However there are some flaky items and I'm not sure if they are Windows 7 RC issues or x64 issues. Here's the short list of the big items.

  • Live Mesh won't install
  • Adobe Reader won't install
  • Live meeting errors out when connecting to meetings
  • Sun's Virtual Box won't install.
  • google Sync not supported

These are really show stoppers, especially the PDF and Live Mesh issues. I can live without Live Meeting, but the others are hampering my work. I find myself going to my laptop or netbook to get things done here. I'm sure these will be mitigated soon, but right now they are issues.

I could move back to W2K8 as a workstation, though I'm not really looking forward to driver issues, especially as I'll still have the x64 platform. I could move to Vista 64, but I think that's a mistake for now. Plenty of people have gotten these products to work with Windows 7, though everyone I've corresponded with is an x32 person.

Today I ran the Easy Transfer Wizard for Windows 7 and backed up my user settings and profiles to another disk. My plan is to install the RTM on this machine, and then reinstall my apps to the same locations. It ought to be easy to do, and I'm not too worried about losing anything. I can back up my documents and things on the other drive. At that point if Mesh and Adobe don't work I'll have to really dig into the Vista versions and try installing them. If not, I might live with a VM for Google Sync and Live mesh. At least then I can be productive until more Win 7 versions of things appear.

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Posted by Bill Graziano on 28 August 2009

I'm running Win7 x64 RTM.  Live Mesh and Adobe Reader work just fine.  I haven't tried any of the others yet.

Posted by BuckWoody on 28 August 2009

Been running LiveMesh since I installed 7 RC. Works great.

Been running Adobe Reader (although I dislike their bloated software)

Present with LiveMeeting weekly with no issues.

I would never install ANYTHING from Sun/Oracle. Just a bad idea all around.

I don't use google, since Bing works better for me.

Posted by Steve Jones on 28 August 2009

Buck, are you x64 or x86? I haven't seen issues with people running x86, but not much on x64.

I need to upgrade. Looks like a weekend project.

Posted by Robert Miller on 28 August 2009

I have been running Win 7 RC x64 with Live Mesh and Adobe Reader.  I have not used any of the other applications.

I did have, at one point, a conflict between a Nvidia driver update and Live Mesh which resulted in my having to remove Live Mesh and Nvidia and install them again.

Posted by Steve Jones on 28 August 2009

Interesting, I have an nVidia card. I hadn't dug in, but they just wouldn't install. I wonder if my w7 installation isn't slightly corrupt. With Virtual Box as well as Adobe not working, it made me think of that.

I'll go RTM this weekend and see if it works. I did back up my profile with the Easy Transfer wizard, so we'll see.

Posted by Wesley Brown on 28 August 2009

same boat, I'm still on the RC at home and run everything but virtual box and google sync without any issues.

I thought I had a problem but it was a hard drive going south :(

Posted by Wendy Brittain on 28 August 2009

I have Windows 7 RC 64bit installed on 2 machines as well, but Live MESH and Adober Reader work just fine for me. I use them extensively for my college documents.

Posted by GilaMonster on 29 August 2009

Strange. I have Win 7 x64 on my laptop and both Adobe Reader and Live meeting are working perfectly. I'll be using Live Meeting on there on Wed for the 24 hours of PASS.

What errors are you getting?

Posted by Steve Jones on 29 August 2009

I was getting a number of invalid operation and assertion errors. Both Reader and Mesh wouldn't install at all, even the Vista x64 versions.

I've gone to RTM this am, and things seem to be working fine. Installing software now.

Posted by GilaMonster on 29 August 2009

Very strange. I just downloaded Reader, clicked install and it did. I've had no errors from any software on RC, other than a VPN client that was trying to use unsigned drivers

Posted by Steve Jones on 29 August 2009

I think I had a corrupt RC since there have been a few errors over the past months that were strange and intermittent.

Posted by Jack Corbett on 31 August 2009

I'll chime in to say that I've had no problems with Reader or Live Mesh on WIN 7 64 bit both RC and RTM.  I haven't tried google sync or live meeting yet.  Will have to try live meeting so I'm ready for 24 hours of PASS

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