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I went silly

Well, a little silly at least. I wrote yesterday about winning a gift certificate to ThinkGeek, and wondering what to spend it on. The pocket knife was tempting, but we have a few multi-tools, and honestly I'd probably rarely carry it. Not necessarily a habit for me. So I looked around and came up with:

The PI shirt. I can always use a t-shirt, as Jason suggested recently at the Denver SQL User group meeting. Hey, I'm a geek!

I like wind power, and I send some of these to Andy Leonard for his birthday. I'll mount these wind lights on the flagpole and see how they work.

The math clock. OK, I'm really geeky, but our clock in the kitchen broke and I've been wanting a new one. Not sure Tia will like this, but I think it's fun.

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Posted by Jack Corbett on 24 August 2009

Love the clock.

Posted by jcrawf02 on 24 August 2009

Seconded, I think we may have to get that clock for our unit at work. However, the Pi shirt is pretty cool (I'm a geek too). My brother used to try to memorize the digits, and would randomly call my house and recite "3.14159265358..." ad nauseum until the machine cut him off. Then call back. So that may end up being a gift for him, thanks for the idea!


Posted by Steve Jones on 24 August 2009

We'll see what they look like when they come. Look for the shirt in a podcast and the clock somewhere as well.

Posted by Dugi on 25 August 2009

yea the clock seems very nice everyone will now the results till they know how the clock is organized and where are the number from 1 to 12 hehehe, but I like T-shirt very simple idea!

Posted by tjaybelt on 31 August 2009

I've been wanting to build a clock similar to that one, with a chalkboard back, allowing the owner to write in their own numerals and markings.  

I just need to buy some more clock parts, as I have used all mine already.  

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