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Heading to N'Awlins

By Steve Jones, 2009/07/31

I'm leaving today for SQLSaturday #17, actually in Baton Rouge. I'll be at the speaker party tonight and hope to see many of you at the event tomorrow. I'm not sure when I'm speaking as there was some schedule shuffling, but I'll deliver "The Modern Resume: Building Your Brand" if you want to see it.

Coming from Denver I had two choices for flights. I could fly to some city, depending on airline, change planes, and then land in Baton Rouge. Or I could fly to New Orleans and drive up. The distance between the cities is about 70 miles, a bit over an hour by car. Since I'd easily burn that hour in an airport changing planes, and I've never been to New Orleans, I decided to take that route.

My plan is to fly to New Orleans, pick up a car and drive around for a few hours. I'm looking forward to a meal in the French Quarter before heading to Baton Rouge.

I've also allotted myself an afternoon flight Sunday, so I'll drive back early in the morning and spend the day doing touristy things in New Orleans. Suggestions are welcome, and if anyone is taking a similar journey, ping me.

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