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A Small Step - Car Update

Ford is adding Eco-Boost to a number of vehicles. A combination of a turbo and fuel injection technology that can add up to 20% to the mileage for all kinds of vehicles. It's not a great long term solution, but it's a start.

It's good to see Ford making changes to try and improve the technology in cars. If you added this on top of hybrid technologies, then you really start to get some good improvements. I hope they continue to move forward with other technologies that will improve the way we transport ourselves around.

This is the type of improvement that GM and Chrysler have been avoiding, just sticking with minimal changes to their technology. GM has done a little, but not enough. It feels like they have been dragging their feet and resisting changes. Ford is trying things to see if they can improve things.

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Posted by Carl Federl on 20 July 2009

Ford is introducing a technology used by VW for over 15 years, showing that the American car industry is very far behind.  My 1999 VW Turbo Diesel Fuel Injected (TDI) at 140K miles gets 42 city and 48 highway mpg, down from 45/50 when new. Interestingly, the 2009 Jetta TDI gets less MPG because the vehicle is about 15% larger than a 1999.

Not yet available in the US is the Polo TDI, which is estimated to get 71 MPG. The Polo is very small with a length of 153 inches compared to a Golf at 165 and a Civic at 177.

Here is blog about a 2003 VW TDI with 98K miles that is getting 45 to 48 MPG www.epinions.com/.../content_112557198980

Posted by Steve Jones on 20 July 2009

Thanks! We looked a diesel VW when we bought the Prius, but they'd stopped making them. Plus a concern over the price of diesel at the time, which killed a lot of mileage savings in Denver.

I used to have a Mercedes 240D, thought it was a good car if it wasn't too cold. I think Diesel is a great technology.

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