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Tracking My Goals – Half the Year

By Steve Jones, 2009/06/30

I made a series of resolutions in January related to SQLServerCentral. These are things that I wanted to accomplish this year, things to work on, and it’s time to check how I am doing for through the second quarter. I’ve copied the list below and included my updates as of June.

  1. Continue with 400 posts a month – I’m doing well here. I have over 2500 for the year, so I'm meeting this goal.
  2. Blog Daily – My blog count is actually doing very well. I've been getting at least one a day, sometimes two.
  3. Speak at each Denver area user group – I completed this in Q1, but I have 2 more user group presentations scheduled for the year.
  4. Speak at one SQLSaturday – Pensacola is is complete. I've been asked to go to Baton Rouge and Iowa, so we'll see.
  5. Comment on blog posts that I think are interesting. I comment regularly here when I see something I like. I haven’t commented on all blog posts, but I’ve done most of them when I have something to say.
  6. Update my blog roll to show who I think is interesting. I should at least do this monthly. I updated my list in June, but not May, so I'm not doing this regularly enough. Probably not searching out new blogs often enough.
  7. Grow the SSC audience to 1.4mm members by the end of the year. As of the end of June, or close to it, we are at 1.18, which is low. I was hoping for 1.2 or better, to get to the 1.4 number by the end of the year. We'll see if we get there.
  8. Give all new articles a first review within 7 days. Still failing horribly here. Usually it's within 2 weeks, but not always. My Q is almost to zero for my end of June vacation, so maybe I will get better.
  9. Not miss sending any newsletters. I think I missed 3 this year. I missed 2 with our Zone Edit outage, and one was my fault.
  10. Build something useful with .NET/SQL Server. It needs to be for SSC.  I still need a project here.

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