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A $200 Knife

By Steve Jones, 2009/06/11

While I was in Pensacola last weekend, I sat next to Andy Warren and I was telling him about getting my son, ,Delaney a knife for Boy Scouts. My son had earned his Totin' Chip card and was excited to be able to carry one, so I looked on Amazon and got him one. Andy asked me what kind, and I said "blue," which apparently doesn't qualify as a kind of knife.

Andy then showed me his knife, which is nice, it's sharp, it has about a 4" blade on it and it's made from carbon fiber, or so he told me. I said I'd gotten a similar one from Amazon for Delaney, but he was only allowed a 2 1/2" blade, so it was smaller and blue, but the same type of folding knife you see so many people carrying. Then Andy told me he'd paid $200 for this knife.

I have to admit I was shocked. $200 for a knife you carry in your pocket? Seemed like a lot to me. I'd gotten Tia a Skeletool for Christmas, which has a number of things along with a knife that she carries when riding. But it wasn't $200, and I'm not sure I could get $200 out of a knife. Heck, I'm not sure I need one.

But Andy's a tool guy, and I can respect someone that gets what they want. He told me that a knife is handy, and just on the trip up he'd bought a DVD, used his knife to quickly and easily slit it open, no messing with the plastic sealer on the end of it. No effort for him.

I said I'd bought one for Kendall as well, and she opened it right up. No effort or me :)

I have noticed the last few months that there have been a few cases where I could have used a knife, so maybe I'll pick one up for myself. It won't be carbon fiber, however, and definitely not $200.

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