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Hyper-V – A New Machine

By Steve Jones, 2009/05/22

I installed Hyper-V onto a new machine as a role for the base Windows 2008 server role. It required a reboot, and once it was back up, I went to create my first virtual machine. The Hyper-V manager was confusing for a few seconds since it wants to connect to a Hyper-V machine. Since I hadn’t set any VMs up, I wasn’t sure what to do.

Then I realized I needed to “connect” to my host machine, and so I did that. All of a sudden I got the “New” menu item I expected. I clicked it, went through the settings of picking a name, memory, a disk, etc. for my VM. Then I got to the Installation Options screen, and I got a pleasant surprise.



I’d already put the Windows 7 disk in my DVD reader, but this was cool. I could alternatively use an ISO file. Not that this is hard to do in Windows, but it’s nice that this is build into the Hyper-V console automatically. I could even use a network installation.

Nice time saver!

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