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A Proper Response

By Steve Jones, 2009/04/20

That sounds like a very British title, so maybe the Red Gate folks are rubbing off on me. I had to share this, however. Today this is the totality of an email I got in the webmaster inbox:

i gud
sri 2le gud
u gud o gud
so leave k

Now this was a response to our registration email, so I can only assume that it’s an auto-responder of some sort. Now I hope this isn’t someone that’s a business person, but even if it’s a student of some sort, and even if this is someone that is a non-English speaker, it’s crazy.

It doesn’t make sense, it has no grammar, and it doesn’t represent you very well. An auto-responder is there to let people know

They are typically set when you are away for some time. However I know some people might set them as a normal response to ensure you know your mail was received.

I see a lot of auto-responders at SQLServerCentral. Most are pretty good, some with amazing amounts of detail, but a lot of mistakes as well. This is one of the worst I’ve seen.

The other thing that really annoys me is someone that has a response sent for every email. If I’ve emailed you once, it’s incredibly annoying to get more responses the next time I email you. If you’re in a CS situation, then please don’t use that email address for other business.

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