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Lunch in Town

One of the guys I met at the Denver User Group pinged me last week for lunch, and I agreed. Today I headed into town and we had a long lunch, almost 90 minutes, while we chatted about business, life, kids, and more.

It’s interesting to get a new perspective and I realize how sheltered Tia and I are in our lives. She’s been thinking of joining a riding group to meet new people and get more social. She’s talks to more people than I do on a regular basis, or at least is friends with more, but it’s relatively few people by the numbers. I have more people I see at Scouts, karate, baseball, but don’t talk to them as much.

I thought I talked to plenty of people, especially through the online networks I have, but I’ve realized that’s not the case. I had the chance to hear new perspectives and learn a bit more about how someone else with a similar age, experiences, etc., has a much different look in life in some ways.

It was a good experience, and I’m glad I had the chance to go.

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Posted by Tim Mitchell on 8 April 2009

I can empathize with your feeling of isolation.  I'm in a rural area ( < 100,000 in the whole county) and there aren't a lot of SQL Server folks around here.  The closest user group meeting of any kind is in Dallas, about an hour away.  Networking with other technical people is still possible, but it requires much more effort.

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