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Great IT Teambuilding – Star Trek

When I worked at JD Edwards years ago, we were looking for monthly teambuilding exercises that would help our group of 20 stay focused, and ensure we bonded together. We tried a variety of things, we’d plan and discuss ideas at a weekly meeting, and we would rotate the odd-man-out, the person that had to remain in the office to provide coverage.

One of the choices we made was to attend The Matrix Reloaded on opening morning, catching the first show at a local theater. 18 of us car pooled down there one morning, watched the show, and then enjoyed talking about it the next day.

We were geeks. The Matrix was a popular movie, and seeing the sequel gave us a common bond, a point to touch each other, and a shared experience away from work. You might debate how beneficial this is for a company, but I’d argue that these bonds make it easier for people to do favors for each other, help each other out, and they build morale. All of that should help with retention and productivity.


There’s a chance to do this again for many companies in a little over a month. Star Trek has a new movie coming out on May 8th. While the original series, and even The Next Generation have been abandoned as series, there is still a lot of Star Trek fandom in the geek world.

If you have a team of people, consider scheduling a morning out. Grab that 10am show, treat your IT staff (or as many as possible) and give them a chance to grow tighter together as a team.

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Steve Jones is the editor of SQLServerCentral.com and visits a wide variety of data related topics in his daily editorial. Steve has spent years working as a DBA and general purpose Windows administrator, primarily working with SQL Server since it was ported from Sybase in 1990. You can follow Steve on Twitter at twitter.com/way0utwest


Posted by Nick Harshbarger on 24 March 2009


Great post!  In today's uncertain and pressure packed environment, it is even more important to build team moral and cohesiveness.  By taking advantage of events like the release of the new Star Trek movie you have chosen a low cost option for getting the team to bond and relate to each other about something other than work.  We have younger generation workers, that may not remember the TV series, experiencing the event with those of us that are transported back to our own childhood memories of watching the crew of The Enterprise work as a team to overcome the challenges of each weekly episode.  As you can tell, I plan on taking advantage of this "once in a lifetime" opportunity with my co-workers.

"The prejudices people feel about each other disappear when they get to know each other."

-- Kirk in 'Elaan of Troyius'

Posted by tjaybelt on 24 March 2009

I was thinking the same thing.  I know a guy that is getting a theater.  I'm gonna push this up to management and see if we can join in.  great idea.

Posted by Steve Jones on 25 March 2009

I'm going to send this to a few friends. See if they do it and I can tag along :)

I know my wife won't go, so not much team building here!

Posted by Roy Ernest on 25 March 2009

Steve, There are lots of women biased movies coming out. you want to bond with your wife, you have watch it without falling asleep... :-D

Thats what I do (Even though she is in IT she likes those kind of movies). I will waiting for the movie to finish. The only entertainment I get is the movie previews before the actual movies... hehehe

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