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The Race to 50 (Prius Update)

By Steve Jones, 2009/02/24

When the weather is cold, the Prius performs much worse (relatively) than it does when it’s warm. It makes sense with the need to run the engine to heat the car, but it’s disheartening to someone like me that watches the mileage.

I filled up the Prius the other day in town and immediately headed home. Since I’m climbing uphill, immediately I ended up getting home with a 42mpg average for the 10 miles. Still good, but not great. I was careful for a couple days, but it was cold, so I only managed to get to 45,8mpg as the average.

When we left for baseball practice, I was careful and we got to practice, a good downbill fall of 5-600 ft across 20 miles with 49.1mpg average. We made it back around 48.6, and since then we’ve managed to creep around, getting to karate, the store, etc. and we made it to 49.9, but down we’re down to 49.3 at about 320 miles for this tank.

I’m determined to get to 50mpg as an average with the warmer weather, and I think I will when we head to scouts tonight.

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