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Working at home

By Steve Jones, 2009/02/23

It’s usually nice, sometimes challenging, always interesting.

The other day both Tia and I were working in the “spare” office when Delaney came in to snap a photo.



This isn’t how I always work, but I do tend to do editing up there rather than in the basement if I get the chance. Tia’s usually down at her main desk, but she injured her ankle awhile back (with horses, of course), and she’s been trying to spend more time in bed resting.

Working at home has some great advantages, but at the same time it means that this is a typical scene for us. When life gets us busy, we often end up at night in this same position trying to finish off work that didn't get done during the day. I think we balance things pretty well, but once in awhile we definitely spend a bit too much time at work.

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