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By Steve Jones, 2009/02/09

I’m a little frantic this morning trying to get caught up on work, lots of stuff piled up, Tia leaving, kids had to get to school, etc. I need to run as well, which I was hoping to do early, but I might need to leave until before karate.

I have a ton of articles to edit, which isn’t my favorite thing to do. A number piled up before my trip to the UK, and I didn’t dent the load that much in the week between that trip and vacation. I’m not looking forward to going through them, and that will take me 30-60 minutes just to sort out.

Adding in another log to the fire is that the kids are off on Fri and Mon. We’re thinking of going skiing in Aspen, but that means mucho work for me this week and Tia’s going to be gone until Wed. Not something that makes me really productive. It’s quiet, but too quiet and I struggle to get things done efficiently.

On a final note, my neighbors are out of town, so I get to take care of tonight:

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