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Loading Up For Travel

By Steve Jones, 2009/01/16

I fly to the UK tomorrow, not really my favorite thing to do, so I’m trying to ensure I can make the trip as painless as possible. I want to keep busy, distract myself, and not feel trapped on the plane with nothing to do as I make my way from Denver to Cambridge. The last time I went, I had a laptop, PSP, iPod, and 4 books in my bag. The trip went OK, and so I’m preparing again.

The first thing I’m doing is loading up my Kindle. I can’t get books while I’m in the UK, except for some Mobipocket ones and I don’t want to take the chance I’ll have issues being at a UK IP, so I’m going to make sure I have at least 12 books for my weeklong trip.

A lot? Yep, but I can usually read 2 while flying to Orlando, so I want to be prepared. I’ve been going through some samples, but here are a few I’m loading up:

That should keep me going for a few days. I still have some samples to get through before I leave, so I’ll have a few more hours to decide if I need anything else.

Then I have my iTouch. I listen to some music while I’m traveling and I’ve got plenty on there, but I’m going to actually purchase some video to keep on there for my travels. I have my eye on the new season of Scrubs, which I haven’t seen much. 'I’m not sure what else I want to buy, probably search around for a movie or two I’ve missed and want to see. Maybe Death Race or Burn After Reading.

I’ll have my laptop, and a Min Flip video camera to help me document things as well as get work done. Along with a power adapter to handle English power and assorted USB charging cables, I’m hoping I survive the two cross Atlantic flights without too much hassle.

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