Printed 2017/08/23 03:33PM

Laptop Prevents Fire

By Steve Jones, 2009/01/13

Last night, Steve Jones, 41, was preparing a pot of brown rice. After feeling all, he was making a bland bowl of rice to get some nourishment and try not to upset his stomach anymore. Placing a pot on the stove to boil, he returned to finishing up some work for his job.

Prior to the invention of laptops, this would have meant his returning to his office to work, and hopefully remembering to check the pot periodically for boiling water. Alas, something that rarely happens and didn’t last night.

Fortunately Steve was working on his laptop in the kitchen and heard the sizzle of rice starting to burn. Jumping up, turning off the gas, and moving the pot resulted in a minor burn on his hand, but no ruined pan, or potential fire in the household.

Thanks to the availability of a laptop, all ended well. These devices have likely prevented many such events from occurring all across the globe as more and more people are able to more closely monitor their meal preparation in this busy world.

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