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The Value of Twitter

By Steve Jones, 2009/01/07

OK, today I see something useful about Twitter. I'm stuck in bed, my daughter sick, trying to work and listening to "I, Spy" and various other annoying things on TV. It's not much fun, and I could use something to cheer me up since my wife is gone.

@JoeWebb says "Has found the switch from a pot of coffee every morning to a single cup of tea has been easier than expected.  Also having some green tea"

I tell him "tea is for girls, not farm girls, but girls."

I get back a "LOL!!! My son has strict orders to kick me in a place of his choosing if he catches me sipping with my pinky sticking out."

@BrianKelley says that "Good thing you moved to Colorado and not down South with that attitude towards tea."

And I reply "Hey, I grew up in VA. Sun tea is OK, hot tea is for girls"

At this point the Southerners start talking about sweet tea v hot tea.

Brian comes back asking where @RachelHawley is in this conversation and why hasn't she called me out. I say it's coming, probably from Neil Davidson who replies "Huh?" and we fill him in.

@ScottDevereux asked "Is it still manly if its a low fat double mocha skinny latte in a hot pink mug?"

I answered "Hmmm, low fat, -1 man point, double, +3 man points, mocha, even, skinny, -1, pink, if you're tough, Sum=+1 for tough guys!"

@SusanLennon says she represents my remark and I say it's OK for her, just not @JoeWebb.

@AirborneGeek asks about diet coke and I respond "Diet coke is OK, depending on your "paunch of success""

@BrianKelley tells @NeilDavidson about my remark that hot tea was for girls.

@NeilDavidson said "@kbriankelley I agree totally. But real men grind the beans with their teeth"

My response: "grind? Don't you just throw them in the pot? Cowboy coffee"

At which point NeilDavidson replied "Pot? You use a pot? Real men just swirl boiling water around in the mouth."

And I said "touche!"

And I think we're done. Many smiles on my face.

Is it a distraction? Sure. But it's like being in an office where people are walking around, joking with each other, maybe from the next cube over even as we get work done.

Joe Webb is at home, I'm at home, a few others of us out of touch and I'm sure we're a welcome break for the others that are in the office. We're friends, colleagues, and acquaintances that are enjoying a few fun comments across a few hours. I'm still answering posts and on the phone as we do this. It's another fun medium.

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