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Hiring Your First Employee

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It’s my boss, or rather the owner of the company I work for (yes I work for someone in addition to owning a company), but it’s still an interesting post.

Hiring Your First Employee

I don’t know when Neil hired the first person to work for Red Gate Software, but I think he’s got a great memory and he really gives you some good things to think about in this post at 47 Hats.

Some of the items are in making the decision to hire someone, but there are some good ones about picking the person as well. I especially agree with the part of getting a domain expert to help you (use your network to find someone) and also test the person on the task they’re being hired for, don’t ask them to talk about it, make them do it.

Worth the read.

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Posted by mazharlilla on 22 December 2008

I hired myself since I am the the CEO/ owner of my company. We have 40 employees currently on board and in my previous work life, we hire people with experience in particular field and then assign them a task. However, today the workforce, industry, and ethics have changed drastically and now we only hire people with skills. Because, you can teach almost anything to any person who has skills rather then the person who is task oriented.

On Job Evaluation, I call it (OJE). After first interview, if we liked the candidate then we will set up applicant e to work with one of our star employee for no more than four hours. This will allow us to Evaluate the employee and have star team member's feedback and it will also allow the applicant to evaluate our company. Remember, you are also marketing your company to the applicant. This has helped us to hire the right candidates and reduce turnover.

Posted by Steve Jones on 22 December 2008

Interesting comment, though I think you can teach skills, you can't teach someone to work together with others. So I hire for fit first, skills second.

Hiring for fit doesn't mean that the person has no skills, but that I emphasize fit more than skills.

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