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Stupid Coding Tricks

By Steve Jones, 2008/12/11

Can anyone here write a SQL statement that generates a Mandelbrot Set? I’m sure a few of you can, and if you want to try, please do so, but it’s something that I’m not particularly good at. I used to like solving problems like this in coding when I was a student, but now I know I can do many of them, and so it’s not really something that excites me.

However I do appreciate the effort and intelligence that goes into writing code like this. Over at TheDailyWTF, there is a post on someone generating a Mandelbrot Set in T-SQL. It’s a fairly short, single T-SQL command with a CTE that’s less than 50 lines.

If you want to see the results in notepad, here’s what they look like:

Give it a try if you like challenges, or view the code here.

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