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Surface Demo

By Steve Jones, 2008/11/26

Second try. The video didn’t embed in the previous post. Nor this one. Here's the link

Microsoft Surface Demo



This is from the BI Conference in 2008 that took place in October. It’s an interesting use of Surface technology, but is it that useful? Is Surface that much better than a mouse and screen?

I can see the hands being used in a presentation. It’s more natural than a keyboard mouse, and it’s less likely you’ll make mistakes.

I would like to see a "Surface” desktop, maybe twice the size of the current models (think 42” TV) that functions as my desktop (literally and computer-wise). If I could move windows around, grow/shrink, and then have a “virtual keyboard” (think iPhone) pop out at the bottom when I needed it, that might make me more productive.

As far as Surface in business, it’s eye candy. That’s OK, but it’s not revolutionary.

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