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Day 1

By Steve Jones, 2008/11/20

The first day of the PASS Summit in 2008 is done, but I have to say that I missed quite a bit of it. After the keynote, I slept in the lobby for about an hour as Andy Warren and Chris Rock snickered and made humorous comments from the adjacent couch. I felt ill most of Tuesday and this was a time for much needed recovery.

Afterwards I felt much better, ate some lunch, and then had the session with Andy. We walked through the exhibition hall and didn't see a lot of new products, but there were lots of familiar ones and people were still interested in learning about them. I always wonder about the penetration of 3rd party products and I'm sure that a good percentage of people don't use any.

My plan was to take a nap after my session, but after laying down for 20 minutes and staring at the ceiling, I decided to go run. I felt better and I've learned a little exercise can be invigorating. 30 minutes later I felt better, worked a bit and headed back to the convention.

The hallways were quiet, which means everyone's in a session. Paul Randal and Kim Tripp gave a great presentation on database corruption. I highly recommend going to see them speak, they're entertaining, they're funny, and there is interesting information in this session, but don't be fooled.

It's relatively useless.  If you get corruption in your database, call PSS, or CSS as they're now known. Just call Microsoft with your production data and don't fool around. Paul, Kim, and maybe 12 other people in the world are qualified to run that stuff, restore pages, and understand how to get around the corruption. The rest of us aren't and a 75 minute session isn't going to teach you how.

Go for the show, but don't try this at home.

I missed the evening reception, having made plans with Kalen Delaney and Gail Shaw (gilamonster here) to visit a local aikido dojo and take a class. It was a good way to end the day, though my back is a bit sore today.

Afterwards we stopped by a couple parties, ate a few appetizers, and then called it a night, perhaps a bit too late.

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