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Voting for the Board

By Steve Jones, 2008/11/18

I endorsed Andy Warren for the board the other day, and I'll stand by that. I'm biased, so if you're interested, read what I think.

However I didn't pick other candidates, something I needed to do. I know all of the candidates and have for years. They all have strengths and weaknesses and all will do a good job. But I think PASS needs to grow and change and we need people that will really drive some change. So to some extent I'm picking people that I think will make those changes. With that in mind, here are my other endorsements.

Louis Davidson - Louis is a fellow author and someone that I've heard speak and write for many years. The primary reason that I'm voting for Louis is his position on openness. I've thought that the PASS board hasn't been open enough with us, the members, for a long time and I'd like to see that changed. Too many of the other candidates, while they might feel this way, didn't express it in their positions, and so I'll pick Louis for that reason.

Thomas LaRock - My other choice is Thomas, who I think brings some new blood to the organization. He's a well organized, thoughtful person, and I think he will help to bring the board into the modern, Web 2.0 world, with his position on social networking. While I'm not sold that these are the best way for us to use the web, they do create more of a sense of community, something that's been lacking with PASS. Too many people fragment into their own user groups and forget about the national organization.

I like all these candidates, and they'd all do good jobs. I'm picking those who I think will bring some new ideas and change to the board. Not to disparage any of the other candidates, but I tend to like to see change and see new people will perhaps make things work better.

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