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Last Minute Prep

By Steve Jones, 2008/11/12

Next week is the PASS Summit for 2008 in Seattle and I'm trying to close down the work I need to get done for the party we have on Tuesday. I'm mostly prepped with the organization from the casino company as well as the PASS people. My shirts should be there and I'm slightly sweating the books. They're supposed to be delivered Tuesday, which is cutting it close.

Every year this party is kind of the highlight of my year. I have a good time planning it and hosting it, giving out lots of prizes. Usually by this time I've purchased about half the prizes, but the last time I packed a suitcase with prizes, the airline lost it for a day, and I sweated out about $1000 worth of stuff. This time I'm going early and planning on spending some of Mon and Tues loading up on prizes.

I also have to get editorials and newsletters scheduled in advance. Typically that's been a bit of a chore, but this is the first year I've needed to get podcasts done as well. So I had to make sure that I'd written things up by last week, cramming up for a few weeks before this. I shot a bunch Mon and Tue, and need to finish off 3 more tomorrow, including the DBW one for Monday. Right now I've gotten Thur, Fri for this week and Mon and Tue of next week done and loaded. Thur needs editing, but it's shot.

A busy week and I'll need to skip a couple errands tomorrow in order to get ready to get out of town Fri am. I leave early Fri with my 10 year old, taking him to Seattle for the weekend. It's his birthday next week and I'll miss it, working in Seattle. It's not a huge deal since I'll be back for his party on the weekend, but in leiu of presents, he's getting to a bunch of museums this weekend and the Seahawks game on Sun.


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