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With a large election year in the US (President + all the other races), I've been more interested than in some other years in the election process. I think it's an exciting time in the US with the chance to have a minority or a woman in the White House, something that has never happened before. Over the last couple months I've debated issues with friends, family, the kids have been interested and that's a good thing.

I love my country and I am grateful for the opportunities that it gives me. And I think that I shuld give something back, at least at times. It's important to me to vote every election, and I'm proud to do so. Two years ago when we had a fairly minor race, I took my daughter (then 5) with me to vote before she went to school. She liked it and I had made plans to do it again this year, including my 9 year old as well this time.

As we've talked about the election with the kids, told them how it works, etc., I've been trying to instill in them the importance of respecting your rights and responsibilities in this country, and participating in how things work. I want them to feel pride as well as responsibility to the country and it's gotten me thinking that I should participate more.

That's really the inspiration for this editorial. I didn't want it to be a political piece, or even a patriotic one, but more that the ability, and perhaps responsibility, to participate in those things that affect your life, or go on around you, whether that's work or home or anything else, is something that I hope you feel.

You can't do everything, but you can make a difference. Pick and choose according to what you can do, where your moral compass sits, or what is important to you, but help out when you can and pay it forward whenever you can. I think it's important and I think it comes back to benefit you at some point in life.


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