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The October 2008 Energy Update - So Much Passion

By Steve Jones, 2008/10/30

Do we have an energy crisis or not? Is global warming real? Are we being affected by burning fossil fuels?

I don’t have the answers. Wish I did, not confident anyone does, but it just feels like there’s an issue here. Nothing can run forever as an every increasing force, except perhaps chaos, but even that seems to fall back into order as fractals have shown.

I tend to operate on instinct and it just seems that continuing down the path of digging up more oil is inefficient and it can’t last. I can’t prove it, hope I’m wrong (I love my gas powered cars), but it doesn’t feel that way.

So I think we should examine energy alternatives. I guess I don’t necessarily want to be “green” as in no impact on the planet, but I want to be more sustainable. More renewable. Using more of what we have, not just one thing. Or a few as in coal, oil, natural gas.

I think nuclear should be on the table. I think we should do more solar and wind. I think that mandating, or providing subsidies for better building (passive solar, more insulation,etc) should be out there.

It’s amazing to see all the passion, on both sides. It’s good to have people questioning the issue and it’s seriousness. They’re not wrong to do so. And neither are people that think we should be pushing harder. As with almost everything in my life, I think we need to find a balance.

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