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Big and Small - Why Did I Write This?

By Steve Jones, 2008/10/15

I've always been very concerned about where I work. Well, maybe not always, since early in my career I took jobs just to make more money or get ahead, but once I had kids, when I was about 30, I really started to pay more attention to how I could better enjoy work and find good companies. I think most people strive for that, maybe unconsciously and when it doesn't work out, they don't  know what to do. 

I try to help people think about this, maybe learn how to better find a job and a company. When I was driving around and heard the commercial for the 2nd or 3rd time, I realized this was a good topic and I thought about a lot of the editorial as I was driving home.

Why did I write this? I got challenged by Andy Warren to write a bit about why I wrote something. I complained to him that he has some "mechanical" posts on this blog that just mention he wrote something with some questions, and don't really blog about why he wrote something. He challenged me to write about why I wrote something, so here I am.


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