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Too Good at Data Analysis - Why Did I Write This?

By Steve Jones, 2008/10/14

The past few weeks have been a rough one all around the globe as economies aren't doing well. I studied finance and economics in college (along with computer science early on) and so the world of finance and money interests me. I've got a bunch of investments, and so I've been affected quite a bit. If I had to retire in the next year or two, I'd be worried. As it is, with 20 years to work, I think I'll be fine.

When I saw this article, I was not surprised, though I was angry. This is a lot of the reason that we're in this mess. Smart guys thinking they're smarter than they are and are doing a better job analyzing, but also finding loopholes that allow them to make more money. In many ways I'm glad that's not me, and if I hadn't wrecked my shoulder senior year, it might have been. 

Why did I write this? I got challenged by Andy Warren to write a bit about why I wrote something. I complained to him that he has some "mechanical" posts on this blog that just mention he wrote something with some questions, and don't really blog about why he wrote something. He challenged me to write about why I wrote something, so here I am.


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