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By Steve Jones, 2008/10/13

I’ve been experimenting a bit in the blogging world, setting up a few blog accounts and trying different services. I set up two blogs at Blogger, for separate types of content. I’d been wanting to start these blogs, and rather than clutter my current personal blog with this stuff, I decided to put it in another place.

I also started up one on Live Spaces, deciding to try and keep track of the energy stuff that interests me, and because I wanted to try LiveWriter.

I don’t often write offline, and if I do, I just store things in a text file (and backed up on my USB key) until I can connect. It’s not like I need to blog in a WYSIWYG format. But I have found things I’d like to cross post to multiple accounts and LiveWriter should support that, so I’m trying it out.

This is my first LiveWriter post, and I’m including a few instructions for getting it working on your account.

First you need to change your password. We actually authenticate you through, but we create some random password for the blog account. This means that you won’t be able to connect directly from LiveWriter because you don’t know your password. You can change it by going to:

and setting a new password. Then you need the URL of your blog (mine is, for LiveWriter and your username is your SSC email registration.

From there, LiveWriter can connect and post. This is a test post and I’ll try a cross post next.

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