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Meeting My Goal

By Steve Jones, 2008/10/09

Last year I was talking about goals and changes for the site as I was negotiating my continued employment with Red Gate. We talked about what I could do to make things work better and grow the site. One of those things was to be active in the forums and go about helping people where I could, keeping my name out there and also forcing me to work with SQL Server more and keep my skills up.

So I get a personal goal of 400 posts a month, a little better than 10 a day, to keep active. I figure it's my site, I should be as active as anyone, though I don't get to crack the top 5 often. I'm usually in the top ten, so that's good.

The other day someone actually asked me how many posts they had by month and was wondering if we had a report. I'd asked for one, but with limited development resources, this wasn't something I pushed on. And I had a script from earlier in the year when the MVP group had asked me about one person I'd nominated. So I pulled it up and ran it.

And I was wondering about how I was doing. I keep an eye on it daily, but that's a rolling 30 day number. So I ran it for me and I got this:


I closed out 2007 with a high of 555 that month! So I've missed a few months, but I'm in good shape for the year, just about on pace for 4800.


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