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Sunday Morning

I woke up early, with my schedule a bit messed up from last week and yesterday. I was tempted to lay in bed with my wife, but since there was a kid in our bed and I knew I'd be getting up early with Kyle this week, I decided to get moving.

It was nice and quiet, no kids, and so I answered a few posts, getting back above 400 (my monthly goal) and cleaning up the site. A nice cup of coffee, a bar, and some water keeping me fueled.

For some reason I don't mind these quiet early mornings, first thing I do in the day, getting work done. When Tia's gone, however, I struggle in the afternoons for some reason. I tend to go to lunch with friends and then do something around the house since I can't work. That usually means more late nights, which throw off my productivity in the morning, and I can't be productive like I am today.

On the bright side, I saw some interesting things in the forum.

Someone had an OS error, could not create file (called from xp_subdir) and they reported back that it was a remote disk and the SQL Service was running under a local account. Changed it to a doman account and it worked.

Quite a few people don't understand how logs work, thinking they are like regular log files and get written to as things happen and then grow. Someone, perhaps me, needs to write a good reference article on this. I have a good general one from Gail Shaw, but I need to get another one out there.

Got a good idea for an editoral, but it's a secret :) 

Someone had performance issues from bulk loading to a table every minute. Wow, that's quite a system if it's any size. Partitioning could help, staging, perhaps separate disk arrays, but ultimately I think you just need more horsepower (disk, memory, and CPU) in your server. 

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