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Facebook - I'm on it

By Steve Jones, 2008/09/23

I've never really gotten the social site thing. I don't get the appeal of Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, MySpace, etc., beyond the ability to set up your own web site easily. Since I can do that on my own, I wasn't really sure why I should mess with something like the social sites, but I wonder if I'm missing something.

My wife mentioned she was on Facebook, with like 300 friends, which seems like a lot to me, so I decided to give it a try. It's something of a business experiment, and it's something of a trial for me as well. I signed up today and you can find me as sjones at sqlservercentral dot com.

I did find a couple friends from high school on there, which was interesting, mildly. Not sure if I'll ping them, or if they'll ping me, but we'll see.


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