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Kindle - First Thoughts

By Steve Jones, 2008/08/30

I got my Kindle yesterday and I'll write some more notes as I go along, but I have to say that it's pretty cool. The buttons are a bit of a problem, but not that bad and I had it next to the bed this morning. With one arm trapped by my wife, I could still grab the Kindle, power it on, read the rest of a sample I'd downloaded yesterday (John Sandford - Phantom Prey) and then purchase the book from the bed, one handed, and keep reading.

That was cool!

I think that value will become more and more apparent as I have more books on there and I can easily switch to other things to read without the need to find the book or hit a bookstore.

First thoughts: It's slightly heavier than a paperback, noticeable, but not unreasonable. I tend to read on my back since my neck gets sore, and holding this up is hard, though I can'd hold a paperback much longer without a break. The screen is fantastic and I found that laying on my back, I could set the fonts to the middle size and read without my glasses. That alone is valuable to me. It makes for frequent page turns, so if I'm sitting up, I've set things to the smallest size so I can read more at a time.

The buttons are a bit of an issue, but not a huge one. I can hold it easily in my right hang and put my thumb on the scroll bar and hold it. If they were slightly smaller, and perhaps a space between them on both sides in the middle, this would be outstanding.

The case isn't well designed. If I keep this after my trip, I'll put some velcro on it to secure it.

Page refresh - fine when reading. Changing to the menu, back, store, etc. is a little slow, but not unreasonable to me. I would rarely do those things.

More coming soon. 

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