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Kindle - About Face

By Steve Jones, 2008/08/28

OK, I reversed myself and bought a Kindle today. Or I guess I ordered one and it should be here tomorrow.

I was installing a server into the co-location facility for End to End training and while a few patches were downloading, I checked in Kindles for some reason. I saw this note from Wired that there would be no new Kindle this year. While it's possible that Amazon is trying to prevent sales of the current device from drying up, I wouldn't think there would be a denial like this. My guess is they're delaying until the spring and then they'll push through the summer and try to get college kids to buy them.

I was hemming and hawing, but I received my latest Amazon referral statement today and I was up to $330 in credits, so I figured that for $30, I should try one. I splurged the $4 to get it tomorrow because Monday is a holiday and two day shipping would get here Tuesday, just as I was flying to Boston.

So I ordered it just in time for overnight shipping, went on my way, and came back tonight to find a shipping notice as well as a "welcome to Kindle", where they've already linked my Amazon purchase account to the device. It's kind of exciting and I'll post some inital thoughts tomorrow night.     

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