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Kindle - On Hold

By Steve Jones, 2008/08/25

Just as I was debating whether to take advantage of Amazon's $100 savings offer on the Kindle (with a new credit card), I saw this report about Kindles being marketed to college students, which seems like a great idea. I know I'd loved one in college, just to have all my texts with me and not have to carry a 50lb back pack around. Course it would probably be worth splurging on a $100 case with a hard shell to protect it as well.

In the article, they mention that new Kindles might be due in October. That would make some sense as to why the $100 off offer for now, trying to reduce inventory. If they could get college students to buy some, they'd be in a good spot to bring out a new version.

Since it's a marginal purchase for me, still not sure if it makes sense, I'm going to hold off and see if a new version appears this fall. I love the idea of the Kindle, and about half the time I think I would appreciate it. With 4 or 5 books in progress now, it's easy to lose track of them. I found one in my car yesterday that I'm 100 pages into and had forgotten where it was.

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