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Show off your company

By Steve Jones, 2008/08/18

I was looking for editorial content and ran across The Planet Blog, from The Planet, a hosting company. I was struck by the variety of posts on all types of topics. The blog makes the company seem fun, a place that I might like to work. If I were in Dallas, that is. It's not that exciting.

I started an editorial on the subject as well, but I wanted to jot some notes here as well.

Attracting, and keeping, talent, should be a priority with all companies. You'll always have turnover, and you'll always have good and bad hires, but you want the hedge your bets. Show off what you do well, show off how your company treats people, what things you do to build teams, and you can attract more people.

And if you have nothing to show off, perhaps you ought to rethink the way you treat employees.

I can see this being more important over time as knowledge workers become more valuable at all levels, from secretaries to CIOs. At some point I'm sure that people will start to avoid companies if they don't market their workplace as well as their products. 

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