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Kindle Update - July 4th

I went away in the mountains for July 4th to a camping facility with the family. I was an unwired weekend, no computer, limited media, and a few books I'd packed along. And it was the first time that I wished I'd had a Kindle with me and it wasn't convenient to go get another book.

Here at home I can always drive to the bookstore or library, going down there quite a few times a week, plus I have a large collection of paperbacks and books that I can always re-read or dig into. However at the campsite, no books for sale, none even close and the truck was connected to the trailer quite a bit. Plus packing up to go somewhere wasn't necessarily the best social thing to do with kids around.

 I'd taken 3 fiction novels, all of which I'd already started, a technical book (Grant's Execution Plan book) and a landlording book. I finished off the first three on Friday, which left me Saturday with no books. Not exactly the best situation for me to be in. I started Grant's book, getting about 80 pages in and while it's well written and I learned a few things, it's not a relaxing, enjoyable book. It felt like I was working and I kept thinking of Question of the Days based on his book. Same for the landlord book.

Now it was a good and bad thing. I was forced to read some stuff I might put off for awhile, but I also didn't enjoy the vacation as much as I would have liked. If I'd had a Kindle, I would have been able to purchase a book or two to read when I ran out. Not to mention the lack of space for packing up books.

However I've been emailing with Ted Pin, and he bought one for his wife. They were ready to return it, not because they didn't like it, but because she was buying multiple books a week. Eventually Ted decided with his wife to set a budget for books and keep the Kindle.  I think I might need that as well.

Tia and I talked about more vacations like that and about being on the road once the kids grow up. I think that a full-time, or often on the road life would definitely be great for the Kindle. I could get books as needed and not have a need to store them. Of course, I'm sure I'd need a budget and I'd probably need to find a way to get older books on there, maybe even moving to try out more free or "borrowed" content.

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