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TechEd - Day 3

By Steve Jones, 2008/06/12

I left my laptop at the Red Gate booth, and then managed to wander up to a Data Compression talk from Sunil A. from Microsoft. It was a great presentation, and despite some extensive reading and researching earlier this year, I learned quite a bit about how it works. There are definitely changes from earlier documentation and Sunil had some great slides, so I'll try to write more over time.

A few quick things:

More to come later.

I also was on another panel today, talking about the new features of SQL Server. The configuration server, the new central server that can store common registrations for all DBAs also can help deploy PBM. I didn't know that.

The resource governer is cool as well and I saw a few interesting tidbits on that. Like the CPU changes are dynamic, meaning on the fly, and that you might want to keep a small Admin pool setup that gets at least 5% and no more than 20%.

I'm tired. It's been a long week. 

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