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Kindle Part 2

By Steve Jones, 2008/05/28

Or maybe part 3, depending.

 Amazon reduced the cost of the Kindle yesterday. It's $40 off, a 10% discount, down to $359 from $399 and that's tempting. I've got some Amazon credits, about $100, and since I could conceivably deduct this as a business expense, review it for the site, I'm very tempted. If I had $200 in credits it would be a no brainer.

 I found this very interesting review from a book lover. It mirrors a lot of what I think about the Kindle and how I would use it. This was the first review to talk about how easy it is to hold and read with the device. I'll admit that flipping from left to right with a paperback gets tough on my arms, and at night. I find myself shifting positions every minute or so to read the other page when I'd like to have the ability to keep reading the left side or right side only. It might be nice as well when I'm with a kid or someone and don't have two hands free.

I saw a post from Geekbrief on someone that keeps little around. It struck a chord with me since I have lots of books, so many that the shelves are overflowing, and lots of DVDs as well, but it I could go with less, I would.  I like re-reading some at times, the last two years I've re-read perhaps 20-30 books from the shelf, but I'm a content person. I like the content, but I don't need to have them all around. I used to, and perhaps would like a library, but it's an extravangance I don't "need."

 The other thing that struck me is on our trip this past weekend, I took 4 books, plus one in the car that is almost done. I found myself looking for books a few times or regretting that I didn't have a particular book with me. I also left one book at home that I wish I'd brought.

I'm getting close, and I'm not sure I'd save a lot waiting until Christmas for the Kindle. I think I'll give it a month to see if I get any more Amazon referrals and make any more $$. 

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