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MVP Day 1

By Steve Jones, 2008/04/14

Actually it wasn't really an official day. I came to Seattle a day early to see the Mariner's play and went to the game with Kalen Delaney and her husband, Peter Ward, and Jeff Wharton from Australia. We had a good time and chatted a bit about SQL, but mostly watched the game and talked about it. We got to see the roof close, which was very cool.

 Later we had an informal dinner and drinks, about 14 MVPs there from 7 countries and we chatted things up and engaged in some debates. Talking about software estimation, bugs in SQL Server, issues dealing with Microsoft and more. It was a good start and I'm looking forward to more debates throughout the week.

As MVPs we should, I think, represent the community and I try to keep that in mind, however MVPs are human, we have our own issues and jobs, and I think some people often get caught up in the access that they get from being here. However everyone seems to be an optimist and idealist, looking to really improve the product wherever they can.     

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