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A Joint Effort

By Steve Jones, 2008/03/08

 Oneof my tasks for our mini-Summit for Red Gate was to show the crew how I do the podcasts. There were fiveof us there and the hope is that at some point 2 or 3 of us can do video, so since I had the most experience, I brought along the camera, microphone, etc. If you're interseted, the final product is in the Monday's Database Daily podcast.

It was an interesting experience. I got everyone to work on a paragraph of content, since this newsletter is mainly commentary on the news. We struggled a little to get that done. I shot my piece first, showing them how I do it, Tony went next and did ok. Andrew did a piece, but didn't want to be in the final product, though I managed to snare a blooper from there. Anna refused to participate and Brad was nervous, but protected by his non-compete for a few more months.

After editing, which was fun looking through for mistakes, I showed them the process and how complicated it can be. I don't think it's that bad, but as I explained it, we realized there are a lot of steps and reducing those steps would be a great goal.

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