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Finding a Direction

 I'm not a bg fan of long meetings. I used to try and plan an hour a week staff meeting for my group, and then desparately try to cover everything in 30 minutes, take some questions, and then get everyone out of there. I hated being in 2-3 hour meetings as a manager, especially reguarly and I used to have 6-10 of those a week.

So with people from Red Gate in town this week, I wasn't sure that we needed today (Tues), Thur, and Fri as dedicated meeting days. However we've never all met face to face in one room since we've officially been the "Publishing Department", so this was a good meeting. Everyone wanted this in Cambridge, but I'm kind of a pain on travel, so we ended up in Denver.

 It was a good meeting and we had some good debates/arguments about what directions to take with our 4 sites (SQLServerCentral, Simple Talk, P-Invoke, and Database Weekly). We also have a couple other sites we're talking about as well, and whether to merge them into an existing site or make them separate.

We didn't agree or come to any conclusions, but we certainly had a lot to think about.  I think this was a good use of money, though I wasn't sure last week.


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