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Journalism Ethics

By Steve Jones, 2008/01/27

I try to be pretty careful about what I write about, and now being an MVP and actually getting information sent to me, on the record, but under NDA, I'm especially careful. It's cramping my style slightly, though more I have to think about whether or now I can actually release something.

I read Mark Cuban's blog, and he had this interesting post about journalism ethics after a reported interviewed him for a magazine, but then used the interview material on his blog as well. After the first post, I wasn't really thinking there was anything wrong with the material being used twice, in print and on a blog. I know there are lots of people that would have blanket clearance to use things on their blogs from work. I know I've always sought permission for the things I've written about here from my employers.

However with part 2, apparently the journalist said he wasn't using this on his blog. So that's unethical from a moral standpoint.

I can also appreciate that Cuban seems like s fun guy, and someone that would pick on you if he had the chance, so if you couldn't take that, you probably shouldn't interview him. I know I'd like to talk with him, even during a Mav's game.

Maybe I should ping him :)     

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