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XP Struggles

By Steve Jones, 2007/12/24

My new laptop came with Vista Home and I messed with it for awhile last night, but I didn't see anything that was a compelling reason for me to stick with it. I like XP and it works well for me. It's supposed to use less resources and as I was researching a few drivers for the laptop, I got an email from Michael Coles. Apparently he was also struggling with a new laptop and trying to install XP back on it. He sent a link out from someone that had tried Vista for a few months and decided it was too slow.

So I went to install XP and it couldn't see my drives. Apparently my SATA drive can't be seen by the base XP install because those drivers didn't exist. I did some research and the "press F6 to install a driver" requires that you have a floppy disk to put them on. It can't be a CD. The only problem with that is even if I had a floppy drive for me laptop, I don't have one for my desktop to copy the drivers on to.

I downloaded XP SP2 slipstreamed in and I'll give that a try shortly.

I really with Toshiba had given me the option to go with XP. I'd have never even looked at Vista if they had.

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