Printed 2017/08/22 03:07PM

Turning Off Logging

By Steve Jones, 2007/12/17

I'm sure that most of you know that you cannot turn off logging in SQL Server. You can minimize the impact of logging by using simple mode, but there is no way to turn off logging.

Yet I still see posts (and answer them) that talk about how to stop logging, do you need a transaction log, and other similar questions that make sense if you are used to dealing with simpler, less robust applications, but don't make sense in the RDBMS world.

It reminds me that there are still so many people beginning to work with SQL Server and that no matter how far I advance in my studies, I can't forget that this is a valid question for many people and that they need a good explanation. Books Online does a good job with theory, but I think there's some space to build quick, short tutorials that explain some of the theory behind how SQL Server works.

We're looking to do some video tutorials in addition to the written ones and I've started working on backups, though I realize that those short step-by-step instructions also could use some theory and explanation of why things are the way they are.

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