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By Steve Jones, 2007/12/12

A short congratulations to myself. I was answering posts last night after tech editing another chapter of the book I'm helping on and I hit the front page to see if I'd cracked the top 5, which are displayed on everyone's home page.

I saw I'd hit exactly 12,000 points for the overall total. I've been in the lead there for a long time, which I should be in seeing as how I load the QODs and post articles here all the time. However I'm certainly not the most active poster these days with other things on the agenda. However I still try to do 10-20 a day and help people out.

I will admit that when I lost the lead in Sept, thanks to a concerted effort by the ninja to get to the top spot, I felt a little motivated. Over the last couple years, I've let the forums run themselves, just posting a few times a week. So over the last 3-4 months I've made a dedicated effort to look for posts everyday and contribute where I can. So I'm a little proud of getting back on top and getting closer to that 11,000 post mark.  

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